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About Panvel

About Panvel

  • Panvel is located in Raigarh district state of Maharashtra. It is also a name of railway station in Raigarh district on Central Line and Harbour line of Mumbai. Pin code of Panvel is 410206, 410106, 410209, 410218, 410221. Panvel is divided in Panvel old, Panvel, New Panvel East, New Panvel West. Panvel is a higher population area in Raigarh district due to it’s closeness to Mumbai.

Details About Panvel Pincode is (410206)

  •  Panvel(410206). geographical area of Panvel(410206) is 642.57 square kilometre. population of Panvel(410206) according to (2020) is 1199539 Male and female population in Panvel(410206) is 631107 and 568432. Nearest airport from Panvel(410206) is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport distance of airport from Panvel(410206) is 25.15 km.

New Panvel East

  • New Panvel East. geographical area of New Panvel East is 3.19 square kilometre. Population of New Panvel East according to (2020) is 112507 and female population of Panvel East is 59570 and 52937. Nearest airport from New Panvel East is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Distance of airport from New Panvel East is 22.32 km. 

New Panvel West

  • New Panvel West. geographical area of New Panvel West is 2.98 square kilometre. population of New Panvel West according to (2020) is 65709 male and female population in New Panvel West is 34791 and 30918. Nearest airport from New Panvel West is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Distance of airport from New Panvel West is 20.79 km. 


  • Panvel. geographical area of Panvel is 53.1 square kilometre. population of Panvel according to (2020) is 279656 male and female population in Panvel is 147903 and 131753. Nearest airport from Panvel is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Distance of airport from Panvel is 25.86 km. 

old Panvel.

  • old Panvel. geographical area of old Panvel is 2.63 square kilometre. total population of old Panvel according to (2020) is 74722 male and female population in old Panvel is 39564 and 35158. Nearest airport from old Panvel is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Distance of airport from old Panvel is 21.67 km .

Connectivity of Panvel with other Part of Mumbai And Navi Mumbai

  • Panvel is well connected to other part of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, with railway line, bus services, public transport, Road, Subway, expressway, highway, bridge, bridges of Highway and Expressway. 

Development of Panvel in Different Sector

  • Panvel is developed in a commercial, residential, Industrial, Logistic and transportation sector. 

commercial and industrial sector in Panvel

  • commercial and industrial sector in Panvel. Panvel is very fast growing in a commercial industrial sector. Panvel is hub of a commercial industrial sector companies. many companies of commercial and industrial offices, sub offices, head offices is located in Panvel. many industries are constructed in Panvel. industries and commercial companies, like software companies, infrastructure companies, Banks, corporate companies, is located in Panvel. that’s generate employment in Panvel. Panvel is very closer to Mumbai. in Mumbai many opportunity of employments is available in commercial and industrial sector. 

Residential sector in Panvel

  • Residential sector. Panvel is developed in a residential sector. many multilevel buildings, high level societies, row house, apartment, malls, complexes, school, college, Hospital, Park, Garden, flats, Villa, Temple, is constructed in Panvel. Panvel is a best option for employees, workers, bank employees, corporate companies employees, Government employees and officers, employees of private sector, to live. 

Logistic and Transport Services In Panvel

  • Logistic and transportation Panvel. many companies of Logistic and transportation offices, Sub offices, corporate offices, is available in Panvel. small and large many Logistic and transport companies, provide their services in Panvel. many cheapest and low quality companies are also in Panvel. but few reputed and registered companies are also available in Panvel. one of the best company in Logistic and transportation services in Panvel is EXP-INTEREM SHIFTING RELOCATIONS SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. Interem Relocations.- is known for provide Hassle – free relocation services in Panvel. Interem Relocations.- is well known for providing complete Relocation solution in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. At last 25 years No.1 International relocation service provider in India

Requirement of Relocations in Panvel

  • A big number of people are live in rent in Panvel.
  • Mumbai rent agreement is valid for 11 months only .
  • After 11 month they shift there home and offices from one place to another.
  • For shifting their home and offices they need services of Packers and Movers, relocations company.
  • who relocate their home and office from one place to another with hassle free .

interem Relocations in Panvel

  • interem relocations Packers And Movers provide hassle – free relocation services in Panvel .
  • interem relocation is No.1 International relocations solutions in Panvel.
  • interem relocations is perfect relocations solutions for your Shipment in Panvel.
  • interem relocations ia your own trusted company in Panvel.

Interem Relocations Services In Panvel


interem Relocations 

  • Interem relocations is a biggest network in logistics services.
  • Interem relocations services is reliable and cost effectively its save your time and money.
  • we provide transparent quotation for your Shipment No hidden charges.
  • Interem relocations provide 100% safe and Secure delivery.
  • Interem relocations provide Packers and Movers services in Panvel.
  • Interem Relocations provide 24*7 customer support.
  • Interem Relocations use superior quality packing material to pack your goods.
  • we provide 9 layer packings of all items.

About  Door to door Services And Packing Services

  • Interem Relocations provide proper document of your shipment like LR number, bill, builty, money receipt, item list.
  • We provide tracking ID that you can track your shipment easily on the way at a time.
  • Interem Relocations provide Hassle – free relocation services in Panvel.
  • Interem relocations provide complete Logistic solution of your shipment with loading, unloading, transportation, door pickup door delivery.
  • We provide door to door services door pickup door delivery, of your shipment in Panvel.
  • We laminate all boxes and items of household goods and office goods boobs with waterproof lamination, that prevents your goods from dust.
  • We use new boxes for pack clothes, books and utensils.
  • We Pack all crockery and glass item with Babbal.
  • Interem Relocations have a trend and experience team to relocate your goods from one place to another, with advance technology and instrument.

Warehouses And Storage

  • Our warehouses are neat and clean.
  • All warehouses with CCTV cameras, that prevent your goods to stolen and lost.
  • We store your goods in our warehouse on wooden pilots.
  • We provide wooden Crate packing for TV, LED, glass items.

Car and Bike Transportations Services in Panvel.

  • We packed bike for transportation with cargo seat, Babbal and waterproof lamination, that prevent your bike from scratch and damage.
  • We provide car carrier services for car transportation.
  • we provide car condition document of your car at on car transportation time.
  • We provide GST invoice.
  • We provide time bond delivery of your goods across the word.

interem relocations Company

  • interem Relocations is No.1 International relocation services in Panvel.
  • We are India’s fastest growing network in Logistics services with powerful team and 75 branches in India and 120 branches in other countries.
  • we provide all India relocation services from Panvel Mumbai to all 28 states and seven union territories major cities.

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Interem relocations in india . Interem relocations company is ISO certified and GST verified, which indicates a high level of professionalism and commitment to quality. Additionally, being registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as EXP-INTEREM SHIFTING RELOCATIONS SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED gives our clients added assurance that We are working with a legitimate and trustworthy company.